Shipment informations

We ship to the following countries at a flat rate shipping cost!

  • Great Britain: 20,00 EURincluding19% VAT
  • EU Member States: 20,00 EURincluding19% VAT
  • Switzerland: 17,00 EUR excluding19% VAT
  • Norway: 17,00 EUR excluding19% VAT

If the delivery takes place in a non-EU country, additional duties, taxes or fees might be paid, but not to the supplier ballprint GmbH, but to the corresponding customs and tax authorities. You are advised to check the details before placing your order with customs tax authorities.

If you would like to order our Indoor & Outdoor Soccerbillard / Soccerpool Courts, please let us make an individual offer.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.